Owner of a fresh Blunt Envy whip complete with SCS compression? Want to know how to assemble your scooter and maintain it? Nice. You’ve come to the right spot!


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It’s essential to get your assembly right so your scooter is dialled and ready to take a beating, whether its at the skatepark or if you ride street style. In this blog, we’re going to take you through how to properly assemble and maintain a pro scooter with SCS compression. 


What do you get with a Blunt/Envy Complete Scooter?

Straight out the box, your scooter comes in two separate items. The first part is the top end of the scooter which includes the hand grips and the handlebar. The second part of the scooter is the base which has the clamp, fork, deck, and the wheels. 


Assembling Your Scooter

1)    Tighten the compression. The first step is to ensure the compression in the top of the clamp is nice and tight. You’ll need a 5ml allen key – insert it and turn clockwise until it’s hand-tight. Once it’s nice and tight the handlebar will be ready to be installed.


2)    Align the wheel. If the compression and the clamp bolts are tight, but the wheel is not aligned, what you’ll need is 5ml allen key to loosen the compression on the top. Then you’ll need a 6ml allen key to loosen the clamp bolts on the side. 

Adjust the clamp to line up with the wheel. Once it is nice and straight and you’re satisfied, you’ll be able to tighten the compression back up and then finally tighten the clamp bolts. 

Once it’s nice and tight, the handlebar is ready to be installed. 


3)    Install the handlebar. What you’ll need in this step one 6ml allen key. All you need to do is insert it to the bolts on the side, turning anti-clockwise. Once you’ve done this to all the bolts, then the clamp is nice and loose and the handlebar is ready to be installed. 


4)    Line it all up. To complete building the scooter, what you’ll need to do is grab the handlebar and the base of the scooter, install the handlebar into the top of the clamp, lining it up until it’s nice and straight, and then grabbing a 6ml allen key, turning the clamp bolts clockwise until it’s tight. 


5)    Check your bar is secure. Once you’ve gone through all the clamp bolts, what you need to do is make sure the bar’s not wobbling. If it is wobbling, it’s because the bolts are a little bit too loose and they need to be tightened up just a little bit more. 

6)    Double check your scooter’s nice and tight. To double check that the scooter is nice and tight, what you’ll need to do is put the scooter on the ground, make sure that the wheel is nice and straight with the handlebar, and check if there’s any wobble between the handlebar and the clamp. 

If there’s a little bit of wobble, you’ll need to go over the clamp bolts one more time until it’s nice and tight. 


7)    Triple check! While you’ve got your allen keys out, it’s worth taking note to go over your scooter and double check everything is nice and tight. The tools you’ll need to do this are:

Front wheel: 2 x 5ml allen keys
Back wheel: 1 x 6ml allen key
Brake: 1 x 5ml allen key

Maintaining a SCS Compression Scooter

To make sure you’ve got the best pro scooter possible, you should be checking and maintain it every few months or so. This is to make sure the scooter is nice and dialled and you have no problems with it down the line. 

All you’ll need to maintain your scooter is 2 x 5mm allen keys.


1)    Compression

Generally, the first component that comes loose is the compression, which includes the headset and the fork. 

Grab one of your 5mml allen keys, insert it into the top bolt, and turn until it’s about hand tight. To tell whether it’s too tight, it won’t spin freely, but as well if it’s too loose, it’ll be wobbling. 


2)    Wheels

Next most common part of the scooter to come loose is the wheels – both the rear and front. Grab both 5mm allen keys, insert them either side, and hold one while turning the other. To determine whether it’s too tight, generally the wheel won’t spin and if it’s too loose it’ll be wobbling between the fork or the rear of the deck. 


3)    Brake

Next most common components to come loose on the base of the scooter is the brake. All you’ll need for this is a 5mm allen key. Insert it into the top bolt of the deck and turn it clockwise until it’s hand tight. You’ll know its tight once there’s no movement between the brake and the deck. 


How to Dial Your Scooter with SCS Compression

First, let’s compare the difference of what a dialled scooter sounds like versus an undialled one.  


If your scooter is sounding undialed as demonstrated in the video, either your wheels, compression, brake, or handlebar is loose. To make sure your scooter is dialled, you’ll want to go back through the steps to maintain your scooter and ensure everything is nice and tight. 


If you have any further concerns or questions, please refer to the instruction manual which comes with all our scooters or check out more of our information online.