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Introduction: name, age and hometown: What year did you start riding and how many for Blunt/Envy?

  My name's Will Scott, 24 years old from Adelaide, South Australia. I have been riding for Envy Scooters since November 2013.


What's your riding style? 

I started off as a park rider, over the years I was influenced by street Skateboarding so I started to transition. These days I would say I do hybrid riding, taking inspiration from both Skateboarding and BMXing. 


What's your favourite Blunt/Envy product? 

My favourite product would be the Thermal V2! Durable and lightweight. 


Who are some of your biggest inspirations? 

Some of my biggest inspirations would include Reece Jones, Levi Knight, Kevin Austin, Max Peters and Luke Burland.


Favourite skatepark or street spot? 

My favourite skatepark would be Paddington near Brisbane City! As for street spots there’s too many to list one.. 


Greatest achievement in Scootering? 

My fondest memory would be winning the BSBv3 2018 competition in Nimes, France. I also won “Best Trick” that day with the world’s first backflip, barspin to tailwhip drop. 

Otherwise Brisbane Street Jam 2019, where both Matis & I won the overall day. I landed 4x NBD down the Botanic Gardens rail including:

-       Double tailwhip to FS lipslide

-       Backflip down the set

-       Barspin rewind to BS lipslide

-       Tailwhip, barspin to BS lipslide